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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: September 24, 2014, 01:31:53 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b5 Release Notes.
  • Extra options during siege. Added options to view own party and inventory to siege menu, so player can upgrade/reorganize his troops and change his equipment before the assault. Dialogue and player's own character sheet are unfortunately unavailable.
  • Player's conquests are remembered. If player captures the center and asks for no rewards, he's still remembered as the one who captured it and thus stands a greater chance to get it anyway.
  • Knocked out during sally does not equal retreat. If player is knocked out during defenders' sally but his troops are victorious, it is now possible to proceed with the siege instead of retreating.
  • Bugfix - persistent lairs. Fixed the problem of bandit lairs not disappearing after being cleaned up.
  • Reorganized Reports menu. Reports for party size, party morale, faction relations and known lords have been re-made. Available both through Reports menu and on the Reports tab of the Notes screen.
  • New report: troop trees. Added faction troop trees display to Reports menu (3rd party OSP pack, credit to dunde and Caba'drin).
  • New report: political map. Added political map display to Reports menu (3rd party OSP pack, credit to rubik).

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:30:48 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b4 Release Notes.
  • Bugfix - town siege, inner keep. If player was defeated during third stage of town siege, it was impossible to retreat. Should work now.
  • Bugfix - script error spam. Cleaned up code in a few places that resulted in script error spam.
  • Cleaned up item modifiers. Several item modifiers that had no gameplay effects (except for rarity and price) were removed from game items.
  • Improved Trade Goods. Trade goods now come with a great variety of modifiers, making trade potentially more profitable.
  • Patch for Deliver Grain quest. Quest rewards are higher if player brings large bags of grain.
  • Goods Merchants. Money for merchants dealing with trade goods have been increased yet more.
  • More ammo. A number of item modifiers have been enabled for arrows, bolts and thrown weapons.
  • Leaving the faction through dialog. As a workaround for being unable to leave the faction due to not being assigned your due fief, implemented a dialog option to keep your fiefs when renouncing oath. This option incurs a serious penalty to player's honor and controversy though.
  • New heraldic items. Several heraldic armors have been added to the game. Might need stat balance to properly fit with NE items.
  • Lords civilian clothing. All lords are now wearing heraldic clothing when in castles.
  • Village elder names. Provided names to all village elders, more or less compatible with their culture.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:30:09 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b3 Release Notes.
  • Fixed Village Icons. Villages no longer reset to the same icon a few game hours after game start.
  • Item Requirements in Overseer. Companions Overseer now displays item prerequisites and matches them for player and currently active companion.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:29:40 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b2 Release Notes.
  • This version breaks savegame compatibility. You will need to start a new game after installing it.
  • NPC Rebalance. All recruitable NPCs have been balanced to fit with player's power level. "Fantastic Four" was brought down to Earth as they had like 20-50 more character points than player would at their level, and their character levels have been slightly reduced to allow player greater flexibility in training and upgrading them. All other NPCs retained their levels, but their attributes and skills have been buffed to match player at similar levels.
  • Arrows/Bolts Fix. Original NE was a bit of a mess here, with vanilla +6 arrows still being sold in stores and Iron Bolts dealing more damage than Steel. Fixed that (more or less).
  • Arena Melee Fights Patch. Replaced archers in Arena melee fights with a sword-wielding horseman. Never could understand what an archer is doing in melee fights anyway. Also rewards for melee fights have been redone completely, and participating in melee fights is now an extremely viable option for a starting character, both in terms of gold and xp.
  • Merchant Inventory Regen. Remade code for inventory regen of armor and weapon sellers. They'll have more randomized wares now, and their old stock will slowly be replaced with new stuff (while any items not matching merchant's specialty will be removed from the inventory in a day). Also, merchants in general get slightly more gold, and get more gold as the player progresses in levels.
  • Updated Companions Overseer. Updated the presentation to version 1.20, and integrated it as the standard looting interface.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:28:09 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.608b Release Notes.
  • Quest changes: The 'Train Militia' quest has been greatly enhanced. The quest itself remains the same, though the benefits it offers to the economy are greatly improved. The specific changes to the quest are:
    • Completing a Train Militia quest will give the village a standing militia, which you can see the status of every time you visit a village
    • When attacked, a standing militia gives a village an 80% chance to completely thwart a bandit attack
    • If they successfully defend against the attack, there is a small chance the militia will be destroyed and unable to recover on its own
    • A village with a standing militia will double the time it takes to loot a village. This is on top of the benefits from having a Watch Tower and Palisade.
    In all, these changes should serve to make the Train Militia quest much more lucrative for the player to fulfill and will help make really poor-off villages in the far flungs of an empire that tend to be vulnerable to bandits and looting more defensible.
  • Aesthetics changes: All Village Elders now have a unique name. The names have been chosen loosely based on the culture they originate from, and are hopefully unique throughout the game. This has no purpose as of yet other than aesthetics, though hopefully it will add a little flavor and immersion to an otherwise forgettable group of important NPCs.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:27:52 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.607b Release Notes.
  • Gameplay changes: New characters now have a much nicer assortment of items on start, all of which are geared loosely toward what options you selected on character creation. You will receive more money all around, with more money going to nobles, merchants and descendants of nobles or merchants. Some characters will have an heirloom item given to them - just a regular item, but one that makes sense. Additionally, the career path you choose for your character in adulthood will determine a set of starting gear, rather than everyone having the exact same mail armor, broken sword, crossbow and lame horse. Specifically, you now receive:
    • if your father was a Noble: +2500 Denars.
    • if your father was a Merchant: +1500 Denars, 1 additional Saddle Horse
    • if your father was a Veteran Warrior: +500 Denars, mid-tier Long Sword
    • if your father was a Hunter: +500 Denars, mid-tier bow, steel arrows
    • if your father was a Nomad: +500 Denars, Steppe Horse (in addition to your lame saddle horse)
    • if you became a Squire or Lady In Waiting: +1250 Denars, full suit of Mail armor, Hunter Horse, Shield, Spear and Sword, Manual of Arms
    • if you became a Troubadour: +1000 Denars, Instrument, several high quality foods, half suit of light armor, short sword, Rhetorica ad Herrenium
    • if you became a Goods Peddler: +500 Denars, +8 high quality merchant goods, additional Saddle Horse, half suit of light armor, A Treatise on the Value of Things
    • if you became a Smith: +1000 Denars, Mid-tier Sword, Mid-tier Mace, full suit of Mail armor, On the Art of Fighting with Swords
    • if you became a Game Poacher: High-tier Bow, 2x Steel Arrows, Short Sword, Shield, lots of dried food, full suit of light armor, Hunter horse
    • if you became a Student: 3 Random Books, Short Sword
    Note: These are not intended to be "balanced" against each other. They are just an extra bonus that you receive for any character you create, due to the substantially rough start NE gives you. All in all, this really only amounts to a few thousand Denars of value, which a veteran player can score from a single tourney on Day 1. The idea is that now you can jump straight into the game rather than having to do something incredibly boring (like Arena fights) just to scrape up enough to hire a single soldier to follow you. If you want to start off trading right away, now the Merchant start actually has some trade goods and an extra horse to help you carry it.
    Note: I am also aware the 'Student' start has no clothing. That will be addressed later.
    Note: All characters still receive the generic light crossbow and bolts at the beginning. I left that in to ensure that nobody could start without the ability to fight back against the bandit that attacks in the start.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:27:31 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.606b Release Notes.
  • This version breaks savegame compatibility. You will need to start a new game after installing it.
  • Mechanics changes: NE is now fully merged with Native 1.153. Extensive regression testing has NOT been done - there may be a few or even many, many bugs as a result of this. If you spot them, report them!
  • Troop changes: A huge number of balance and sanity changes have been made, primarily correcting mistakes from the Troop rebalance
  • Troop changes: A huge thank you goes to thurax for his help in finding and fixing many of these problems
  • Balance changes: The DK have been slightly nerfed; many DK units had 'impossible' skill levels (>10), these were all set to a maximum of 10.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:27:20 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.605b Release Notes.
  • This version breaks savegame compatibility. You will need to start a new game after installing it.
  • Troop changes: Merc Females have been assigned item lists. The item lists are not finalized but for now they should at least have equipment.
  • Balance changes: The deliver wine quest time limit has been increased to 15 days, and can only trigger when your level is at least 10
  • Bug fixes: Dark Knight invasion is now randomly set from 30 to 200 days, rather than an unintended day 1 invasion.
  • Bug fixes: Train Peasant Woman quest now works properly and does not ask for invalid troops
  • Bug fixes: A debug message has been intentionally left into the game when attempting to use the new Tactical Surrender
  • Bug fixes: A stray (try_end) was culled from the total_defeat menu, which may have broken tactical escapes
  • Bug fixes: An incorrect call to renown change in tactical escapes was fixed

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:26:24 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.604b Release Notes.
  • This version breaks savegame compatibility. You will need to start a new game after installing it.
  • Lav's Companion Overseer Presentation: This version of NE along with all future versions will be bundled with Lav's Companion Presentation, which greatly enhances the original control system for soldiers. The version bundled with .604b is 1.01.
  • Troop changes: The troop overhaul has been completed for all six main factions and mercenaries. Every troop in this tree has been rebuilt from the ground up, including item customization, proper leveling, skill assignment and more. This is a monumental change, so we fully expect this to have some bugs at first.
  • Item changes: The item overhaul has been completed. This is a monumental change, so we fully expect this to have some bugs at first.
  • Brutality mode: An experimental game play mode called 'Brutality' has been added as an option. This will greatly increase the difficulty of the game and CANNOT BE DISABLED once enabled, so be warned.
  • Recruiting changes: The recruitment costs for Nobles and Elites has been increased substantially. Additionally, Nobles and Elites will deduct a small portion of your renown to recruit, as well as having a minimum level of renown they check  before they will follow you into battle. This change can be toggled on/off in the camp menu.
  • Recruiting changes: If you are a vassal or monarch, you can no longer recruit soldiers from other factions. They will be fearful of reprisal from their lord and decline to follow you. This change can be toggled on/off in the camp menu.
  • Escape changes: Based on the Pathfinding skill, the player is now given a choice to attempt a risky escape when losing a battle. This will result in a huge reputation hit with any companions, as well as greatly increase the chances of losing items. Additionally, if a Lord would have previously let you go due to him favoring you, he will angered by the escape attempt and give you no such opportunity.
  • Building/Kingdom Management changes: Schools now provide their bonus once per week instead of once per month
  • Building/Kingdom Management changes: The threshold for an adviser warning you of rebellion has been lowered
  • Bug fixes: Kingdom Advisers now pay attention to the larger kingdom influence radius
  • Bug fixes: Numerous small bug fixes

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:26:07 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.603b Release Notes.

Item changes:
  • Next wave of the item rebalance has been completed: Shields and Polearms. To date, this means all armor, missile weapons and polearms have been finished to adhere to the new internal consistency guidelines.
Bug fixes:
  • Numerous flag issues on polearms/shields, some conflicting modbits.

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