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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: September 24, 2014, 01:37:38 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Signature Banners.

You can support the Native Expansion mod with these banners by Pellagus

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 on: September 24, 2014, 01:37:24 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Player Screenshots.

Developers will be adding the best player provided screenshots to this post.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:37:09 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Developer Screenshots

A swadian noble in his castle.

New horses, armors and weapons.

Ivory bow in action!

New faction-dependent map icons.

Completely re-done reports part 1.

Completely re-done reports part 2.

New module settings screen.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:36:56 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Feature List.

It is probably impossible to build a complete feature list for Native Expansion. The mod has been developed by many people for the duration of many years, and has accumulated lots of improvements to many aspects of the game.

Obviously, a lot of new weapons, armors, horses and so on have been added to the game through the years. It is a given. Just to make sure it's been mentioned: yes, the Native Expansion mod has lots of new weapons, new armor, new horses and even some new trade goods.
  • Dark Knights invasion. This is an optional deviation from sandbox gameplay, introducing a major new threat to high-level players - a faction of powerful and enigmatic warriors, capable of kicking some major butt. This feature is still in development and will expand considerably in later revisions.
  • Brutality mode. If the game is no longer challenging for you - try it. Brutality mode provides a real challenge, imposing various (and sometimes draconian) penalties on your character and making your path to success much longer and fraught with danger. It is still being tested for game balance, so your feedback on this feature will be extremely welcome.
  • New troops trees. Troop trees have been remade from scratch in Native Expansion, and carefully rebalanced against each other (which is still an ongoing task). Furthermore, the faction troop trees have been split into two different trees: a peasant troop line for troops that you can train from villagers, and a much stronger (and smaller) noble troop line. Furthermore, each faction also has access to ultra-powerful elite troops, which require a special building to be constructed to become available.
  • Royal advisors. Because one minister is definitely not enough to run your entire kingdom, Native Expansion introduces some aides, who provide the player with some new options with his everyday kingdom management, from mundane financial accounting to attempted assassinations of enemy lords. Kingdom management is one of primary focus points for the current development team, so you can expect a lot of improvement here.
  • Assassins. Because let's face it, your character deserves them, with the amount of toes he has probably squished to fine paste on his road to power. So when your character grows in fame and power, people wishing him dead will no longer waste their time on mundane thugs, and the player will eventually find himself harassed by proper assassins.
  • New quests. More than 20 various new quests have been added to Native Expansion, so the players would always have something to occupy themselves with.
  • New buildings. Many new buildings with new effects have been added to the mod and more are coming. Center management is one of primary focus points for the current development team, so you can expect a lot of improvement here.
  • Advanced battlefield formations. Native Expansion unlocks advanced troop orders and formations from Napoleonic Wars for Warband player. It also contains the Battlefield Tactics kit which supports several custom formations in addition to game engine supported ones.
  • New interface screens. We are trying to make any new features as easy and intuitive for players to use as humanly possible. We may not always succeed, but we try. In following this goal, Native Expansion includes several new interface screens:
    • Game Settings, integrating all NE-related settings and activation keys into one easy to use interface screen.
    • Companions Overseer, providing the player with a very quick and efficient tool to manage his companions' stats and equipment.
    • Troop Trees, with the possibility to overview troop trees of different game factions in detail.
    • Global Political Map, giving an overhead view of the global map and different factions' control over it.
    • Reports, integrating many of vanilla game reports and introducing several new ones into a separate Reports tab in the Notes screen, with hyperlinks to quickly see the details on any factions, centers or characters mentioned in the reports.
  • Dynamic nobility titles and icons. Nobles of Calradia now get faction-dependent titles and party icons dependent on their status.
  • Mercenaries. Bands of these dogs of war are now roaming Calradia, flocking to wars like flies to carrion. As player's enemies, they fill the gap between common bandits and lord parties.
  • Life after death. Should the player be defeated in battle, it's not lost yet! Player now can roam the battlefield in free camera mode, and even try to give orders to his troops with the battle orders screen.
  • Long-term wounding system. Getting heavily wounded now carries a penalty - player and his companions may receive long-term injuries, reducing their attributes by a couple of points for a week or two.
  • Looting. Native Expansion provides a completely re-made looting system, aimed at a more realistic loot generation.
  • Autocalc. Native Expansion implements kt0's improved battle auto-resolve code, making automatically calculated battles resemble the outcomes of real battles more closely.
  • Sphere of influence. This feature makes player's expansion more difficult by imposing the distance problem on his kingdom - towns and lords left outside of player's area of influence may get funny ideas about freedom and rebellion.
  • Duelling for freedom. Captured lords will no longer sit idly in prison - they may challenge the player for a duel to their freedom.
  • And many many more...

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:36:42 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Table of Contents.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:36:21 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
What is Native Expansion?

Native Expansion was built by people who love the original game and it's sandbox style. We do not try to make it into something it is not, to radically change the game mechanics or gameplay experience. But everything we had in the original game, we're improving upon, extending gameplay and expanding player's capabilities in the world of Calradia of 1257. We fully intend to squeeze every potential ounce of fun from Native Warband and deliver it to our players.

It's as simple as that. We're Native, but better. We're Warband, but better. We stand on the shoulders of giants and reach just a little bit higher.

Native Expansion: More better stuff.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:33:39 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion v0.609b Release Notes.
  • Arena is in use. Merged Tournament and Arena menu options. Regular arena is now unavailable during tournaments.
  • Town menu reorganization. Moved player's enterprise menu option to merchants menu.
  • Town menu reorganization. Moved NE Blacksmith menu option to merchants menu.
  • Town menu reorganization. Moved "Manage Garrison" and "Reinforce Garrison" menu options into "Manage town/castle" menu. Might need a different name for it.
  • Town menu reorganization. Moved recruitment orders into Manage town/castle menu. In the situation when player can recruit nobles but cannot manage the town, he will still get "Recruit nobles" menu option in the main town menu.
  • Safe game start. Changed menu items order in game-starting menus for Brutality and Dark Knight, so the first option is always the safe "proceed forward" one.
  • Town menu reorganization. Added new town menu "Talk to locals". Moved talking to guild master and visiting lady to this menu. Also added options to talk directly to tavern keeper, ransom broker (if in town) and book merchant (if in town).
  • Skills balance - Persuasion. Recruitment relation requirements modified somewhat for peasants and nobles: player's allegiance, status and persuasion are taken into account. Foreign nobles will require at least some positive relation to be recruited.
  • No elites for scoundrels. Elite troops now require Honor to be recruited, modified by player's persuasion. Regular lord needs Honor >= 20 - Persuasion, faction marshal needs Honor >= 20 - 2 * Persuasion, while faction leader needs Honor >= 10 - 2 * Persuasion.
  • Interface arc - Settings. Module Settings presentation: it is now possible to change player's kingdom color, name and nobility title set. Other options will be added as time goes along. Currently available nobility title sets: Byzantium (default), Arabic, Persian, Polish, Spanish, English, Japanese, Soviet :twisted: and American 8-). Contributions are welcome.
  • Interface arc - Settings. Completely moved all game settings to new settings screen and replaced the camp settings menu.
  • Interface arc - Settings. Companions Overseer now can be turned on and off as looting interface.
  • Interface arc - Settings. Implemented key configuration in Settings screen. Settings screen is now officially complete except for any future changes in the game design. Note that all key-activated features (including Overseer) will become unaccessible with this patch unless player defines keys for them.
  • Interface arc - Settings. Turning wounding system on and off now has an immediate effect on active wounds. Also, severity of wounds is affected by brutality mode (attributes are affected by 1 point without brutality and by 2 points with it).
  • Better logging. References to lords, locations and factions should now be proper links in all log messages. Older log messages will remain as they are.
  • Better management. If player is marshal or king, he now can sponsor constructions in other lords' fiefs by paying 50% of the cost. Note that the price and time is calculated using the average of the best engineer in player's party and the royal engineer (level 1 normally, level 2 for player's kingdom with logistics advisor hired).
  • Map visual enhancement. Tweaked default colors for player's party (yellowish white), player's kingdom (blue) and outlaws (red). Existing games will be unaffected. These colors can be changed easily now anyway in the Settings screen.
  • Better dialogs - patrols. Expanded dialog with patrols a bit when player is marshal or king of the same faction. It is now possible to relieve patrols of their prisoners, and to point them to a different area within the kingdom.
  • Bugfix - correct numbers. Noble troops price could be displayed incorrectly sometimes.
  • Bugfix - you can't eat barrels. Removed food bonus modifiers from Ale and Wine as these are not really food items.
  • Bugfix - no need to tell twice. Removed display of extra screen with results of last combat round when using Companions Overseer for looting.
  • Bugfix - bandits? what bandits? It was possible to rest at village manor despite village being infested by bandits.
  • Bugfix - once is enough. Removed duplicated dialog option to give troops to your lord.
  • Bugfix - I said once is enough! Village militia quest will not be offered if the village already has a militia.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:33:08 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b8 Release Notes.
  • Bugfix - self reference. When asked to tell about location of all lords, lords will no longer tell about themselves.
  • Bugfix - error spam. Noble title assignment script was cleaned up to prevent red error spam in some situations.
  • Bugfix - useless menu. Finally removed "Give troops to garrison here" option from where it wasn't needed.
  • Bugfix - wrong menu activation. When trying to recruit nobles in town but not having enough money, player was thrown into village menu.
  • Bugfix - double clicks Removed double clicking sound when clicking most buttons in Companions Overseer.
  • Advanced formations. Enabled Warband advanced formations (telling soldiers to form several lines, ordering to fire on player's command only, ordering left flank/right flank/center to fire, telling troops explicitly to use ranged or melee weapons). Can be disabled by modifying module.ini file and setting use_advanced_formation parameter to 0.
  • No more capital/court duplication. Removed the court/capital duplicating each other. Player's kingdom capital is now where his court is. Moving players court will move his capital and advisors, as well as change all NE capital-related calculations.
  • Town menu cleanup. Moved "Move your court here" menu option to "Manage this town/castle" menu so it wouldn't clutter menus of all player's towns and castles.
  • Town menu cleanup. Removed "Manage your kingdom" menu entirely.
  • Town menu cleanup. Moved advisor recruitment to minister dialog. Note that you need a proper minister to hire advisors.
  • Better reports. Implemented Fiefs Status report. Player must be a lord or a king to use this report.
  • Better reports. Implemented Construction report. Player must be a lord or a king to use this report.
  • Better reports. Implemented Military Alerts report. Player must be a lord or a king to use this report.
  • Optimization. Optimized patch graphics content to reduce patch size.

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:32:43 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b7 Release Notes.
  • Expanding dialogs arc. Added a dialog option with lords to ask about location of all other lords in the kingdom.
  • Enhancing reports arc. Expanded Relations report screen to include last known location of all known lords.
  • Bugfix - lost loot. Fixed Companions Overseer bug when ctrl-clicking "Retrieve" button. Now correctly loads player's inventory with the best stuff from both player's inventory and loot (freeze your inventory slots with right mouse button that you do not wish to be included in this behavior).
  • Expanding dialogs arc. Added Ransom Broker dialog option to sell all prisoners at once, at 10% discount.
  • Better sieges and raids. Implemented Caba'drin's fix to allow player movement (within certain range) while raiding villages or besieging castles. Removed siege menu options to access party and equipment as player now can do pretty much anything for as long as he doesn't stray too far from the besieged center.
  • Expanding dialogs arc. Added a dialog option to ask lords about their attributes and skills, when relation and/or persuasion are high enough.
  • Better noble titles. Implemented more variable nobility titles, lords now get their title depending on their status (faction ruler or the best fief they hold). Had to rename a couple of kingdoms to prevent inconsistencies. Player faction gets it's own set of titles - Byzantium-based for now, but there are plans to allow player to pick any available set (including native kingdoms and several custom ones).
  • Bugfix - duplicate functionality. NE's town/castle menu option "give troops to garrison" was appearing even when there was vanilla "manage the garrison" option present.
  • Enhanced map icons. Implemented a major enhancement of game map icons - almost all mobile parties now have unique party icons. Lords get their icon according to their faction and status (regular lord, marshall and king). Player's own visual representation on the map also received a buff. No special icons for lords of player's own kingdom and dark knights (may come in the future though). Change is savegame-compatible, but for an existing game all parties will get new icons gradually instead of instant replacement. Credits for new graphics go to Dedal, Slawomir of Aargh, Somebody and yours truly. :-)
  • Bugfix - repeated gifts (hopefully). Liege's gift to player if player's relation with the king is high enough was repeating for some reason. Have no idea why, everything should work perfectly, but just in case I've implemented stricter restrictions. Please report if in your game you receive king's gift more than once.
  • Enhancing reports arc. Added Companions Overseer to Reports menu for easier access (can still be accessed by pressing "O" on the global map).

 on: September 24, 2014, 01:32:22 PM 
Started by Lav - Last post by Lav
Native Expansion Unofficial Patch v0.608b6 Release Notes.
  • Skill balance: Tracking. Tracking skill now increases chances to catch a defeated enemy lord (2% per skill level).
  • Skill balance: Spotting. Spotting skill now increases chances to catch a defeated enemy lord (1% per skill level).
  • Skill balance: Pathfinding. Pathfinding skill now increases lord's chances to escape after defeat (1% per skill level). Does not do anything for player.
  • Skill balance: Ironflesh. Ironflesh skill now reduces incoming damage by 1 point per skill level.
  • Surrender option returns. Fixed surrender logic for outnumbered enemy defenders as with increased troop levels in Native Expansion old force calculations resulted in never surrendering enemies. Now behavior of outnumbered garrisons is much more reasonable.
  • Alternative deathcam. Implemented an alternative version of deathcam with freestyle mouse rotation.
  • Arwa the Strip-Tease fix. After one of previous patches, pretender Arwa lost her body armor when player is visiting the castle she's in. Fixed that.
  • Character and Companions report. Added Hero and Companions Report, integrating Character Report and Companions Mission Report.
  • Dark Knights fixes. Fixed renown for dark knights. Existing saves will be updated automatically.
  • Dark Knights fixes. Dark Knights will never betray their Dark Lady, nor will their Lady indict them for whatever reason.
  • Dark Knights fixes. Dark Lady is now much more decisive and won't waste weeks to decide who gets what village. Any centers Dark Knights capture will be distributed within days, and sometimes hours, after capture. They should also become much more aggressive and more prone to go on the offensive.
  • Dark Knights fixes. Dark Knights should no longer waste their time on random feasts when there are lands to conquer.
  • Dark Knights fixes. Player can no longer make peace with Dark Knights. Maybe a possibility to join the DKs will be re-introduced in the future, but for now DKs will remain the Threat of All Existence. Players beware.

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